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Robert Stewart's Pre-War Cantilever "The World" Repack Bike.

The pre-war cantilever frame was a whole other animal from the frame everyone knows from more recent years. The workmanship was outstanding, the welds large and lasting. The BB was higher, more like the Model C and DX. Robert's bike was a rare and unique bike back in the day, even more now. The list of goodies is impressive:

Cook Bros. fork with cantilever posts, Mafac brakes in front with Morrow coaster brake hub in back.

Ukai 2.125 rims, 80 gauge spokes with matching nipples.

Ashtabula stem, Torrington longhorn bars, Schwinn "The World" badge.

Brooks B66 saddle, Suntour seatpost QR, KKT pedals, Varsity cranks, Schwinn heart and star ring.

Robert kept riding and loving this bike into the early eighties as evidenced by the first year Specialized Ground Control tires - the design of our friend Mark Slate. The presence of a front brake on a Larkspur bomber is almost unheard of. Within a few years he was riding a team race bike for Steve Potts, as were several other of the outstanding riders that came out of the Larkspur/Mill Valley area.

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