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There's not much difference between this and the Gary Fisher bike. The hubs are the same great ultra-rare Union drum brakes. The bars are Triumph T-100/Tiger models from the 60s. This build is based on one of my bikes I had in 1977 and at that time I still wasn't liking triple chainwheels - same as now. The brakes work really good on this bike, even with the little levers.

The crankarms are French Nervar arms - interchangeable with TA but a little beefier - used on Schwinn touring bikes in the 70s, Shimano spindle adapter, MKS pedals from '79 as are the Ukai 2.125 alloy rims. The whole bike must weight 50 pounds but that's what we rode up all the hills in sight.

The stem in a 50s Schwinn and the thumbshifters NOS Stingray 5-speed items.

Deraillers are Suntour Cyclone, Brooks B-72 saddle.

I built half a dozen bikes like this for friends and customers back in the 70s. A few can be seen on Charlie Kelly's website there's a link on my History page under the photo of a blue DX. That's the original bike this is based on - I just couldn't go with the steel crankset on this one (or the white feathers).

This bike is available to a serious buyer.

Contact me at: RepackPioneer@aol.com