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 Alan Bonds Faithful Reproduction

The Green Bike

It took more than 8 months to get the parts together for this bike, one part at a time.

This array represents the parts build for the green bike. The bike changed in 1979 when I went to cantilever brakes and I have always regretted doing that. This is the bike I rode while living with Charlie and Gary for over 2 years.

Union drum brake, Suntour Cyclone derailleurs, Suntour shift levers, both made for the right hand, Schwinn steel S-2 rim. Campagnolo seatpost quick-release, Brooks B-72 saddle, seapost made from billet T-6101 solid aluminum.

This build has faithfully reproduced the green bike seen in photos from 1977. It features TA crankset, Union rear drum brake and Schwinn accessory cantilever brakes on the front. You can note the bent seatpost and KKT rat trap pedals. As much as I want to upgrade these and other items the purpose of this build is as a display bike even though the drive train and running gear is mostly new.

The rims are 1.75 single wall steel from the period. Some of you may have noticed the front fork is incorrect. You're right. Since I had a pile of 50 or so forks my eye fell upon a type that was obviously the beefiest forged available and that's what I used on most of my bikes. These are 1937 Colsons.

At the time there was the belief among the Fairfax crowd that huge brake levers were necessary. In response to this dogma I put aftermarket motorcycle levers on the bikes I was selling. While most of us rode some trails some times, I also rode with my freinds from Larkspur who rode a lot of trails lots of times, as did I. Nothing could be more impractical than hanging up your levers on manzanita and other scrub. Well setup brakes didn't need huge levers and adjusters could be fitted to the barrels though not seen here. I'm still amazed how those levers are perceived.

This is the green bike in September 1979 near the pass in Crested Butte. This was the final build on this bike. It now has a Cook Bros pre production fork, dia comp cantilevers, Araya 7X rims on Suzue hubs and otherwise the same bike. I heard it was a favorite with the locals in Crested Butte that year. I have it now painted red with the only change being an upgrade to WTB cantilevers. More on this bike later.

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