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 1978 Repack Racer

1938 Model C Hybrid

This bike is about Repack downhill racing and the year would be 1978, it's a '38 model C frame with Tange 1200 forks, Dia Compe cantilever brakes and 5 speed Suntour V-GT derailleur with thumbshifter. Canti posts and derailleur hanger brazed on by Otis Guy. This is about as light as they get.

Chainring is 48T cyclocross TA with bash ring. This is a little high for versatility and I think as small as a 44t could be found. Rear cluster is 14-32 which is what happened a lot back them. There were 34t cogs to be found…so the gearing isn't optimum for cross country but the TA affords the option of nearly any range you would want. As it is setup it will work fine for getting to Repack and ripping a downhill and depending on the grade probably a lot more.

The Suntour V-GT was a 5 speed derailleur which preceeded the 6 speed Cyclone. For over a year we all rode the V-GT before upgrading. The 6 speed Winner 6 cog could be had as a 13-34 and we went to that in 1978. The brake cable components are Dia Compe and Shimano from back in the day. I had to change the rear hanger some but it ends up working well as it is setup. It is better than trying to get it brazed to the frame, which I have done. This has more room, less damage.

Rims are Ukai 2.125 alloys, hubs are Suzue and I've got the Geax Blade 2.25 tire in front and a WTB Mutano 2.4 on the rear. Lots of cushion for the downhill.

The stem is the original Ashtabula BMX, bars are steel Euro style moto from ebay.
The grips are actually my pick for grips on all my bikes back then.

Right now I have Avid Ultimate levers on it and I am not wanting to put the silver Maguras on it yet (this bike is for riding). The pedals are Suntour XC II 'beartraps' which are a little newer than '78 which this bike is about - in the photo are Suntour XC1000 pedals which would make it right but hurt my feet after a little while. Also in the photo are the boxes the BB and headset came in: cartridge bearings and adjustable spindle BB (YST) and Tange A-27 headset. The top nut is not from the Tange set.

The saddle is a B-17 which Harley Parsons gave me and I'm glad to find a place for it, thanks Harley. The seatpost is solid aluminum alloy and this seatclamp needs no shimming. Voila! What were we doing??

I'm undecided on paint for this bike and the primer works fine for now. If someone wants to buy this bike they get the choice or can do it themselves - I'm open to offers. No trades for junk. This bike represents my response to Scooterdude's double drum DX that he raced at Toro Park. It's unfortunate that organizers don't have a category that applies to these bikes. If you want to race Downieville with a clunker it must be a one speed to be in the class. Is that right? Anyone who knows anything about what was going on back then knows that one speeds were outclassed by the hybrids. What was going on was not one speeds, it was geared bikes with multiple brakes. Toro Park seems a good arena for these bikes to race but once again - not as a one speed. Rigid anything goes would be OK for a start.

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